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AAR: "Super" Dave Harrington Integrated Weapons Training

Updated: Apr 16, 2023


8-9 OCT 2022 Camden, TN

This class was conducted at Tactical Response and utilized the classroom and range facilities. It goes without saying that the loss of James Yeager has been felt throughout the firearms training industry. I have never trained with James personally. However, I have several friends and accomplished shooters and trainers that have, They all acknowledge James' personality could be perceived as controversial at times, but they all say he was a generous, loyal, and passionate professional. I hope that my friends and colleagues will use those words to describe me when I am gone. The Yeager Family is continuing the legacy of Tactical Response, and they are conducting classes regularly.

The class had a variety of students from different professions. Military, Law Enforcement, Firearms Trainers, and Advanced shooters from all walks of civilian life.

This class was focused on Fire and Maneuver at the individual and team level utilizing Pistol and Carbine to engage multiple targets while both stationary in close proximity to others and shooting on the move while in a team.

The class stressed muzzle and trigger discipline, situational awareness, and individual spatial awareness while engaging targets.

"Super" Dave is a character and is Old School Army SF. If you have not trained with someone like this and have thin skin, stay home. “DIG This!!!!” became a key phrase before Dave began to drop knowledge bombs and instructions.

His lecture was brief and to the point. Super Dave was very articulate and concise in his subject matter. You could tell that each word put into the lecture was thought out and selected intentionally.

He challenged you to define Marksmanship Ability for yourself, psychologically rehearse the Rules of Engagement (ROE) or Deadly Force Laws that apply to you. We talked about Self-analysis of your own skill level, fitness, vision, hearing, weaknesses, and strengths.

From there we moved to the range:

We discussed ammo management and gear set up.

We began with several iterations of pistol that involved accuracy and manipulation of the firearm with your strong hand and support hand. We shot through different firing positions. "Fighting Down and Fighting Up".

Movement was incorporated. Forward, Backward, and Lateral movement was conducted at the individual and two-man team level. We quickly progressed into Carbine integration and movement as larger team.

Dave's drills were used to expose the students to a variety of situations where you are firing your weapon around other people. Situational Awareness. Trigger Discipline, Muzzle Awareness, Spatial Awareness. and Peripheral Awareness of others around you was stressed and practiced.

Overall, it was a high paced class that allowed for a great gear test and individual assessment of where you are with the concept and actually conducting fire and maneuver.

Thanks "Super" Dave for sharing your professional knowledge with me.

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