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Contingency Tactical

Hosting Range Requirements

The following are range requirements for Contingency Tactical Classes:

*Ranges must understand these are tactical/defensive classes with high volumes of fire with movement and positional shooting involved, if you are a range owner or operator and do not understand what these types of classes entail, you may not be the correct venue.*


Pistol Courses

  • 25 meter/yard minimum distance

  • Wide enough to accommodate 12x shooters on the line with 1 meter spacing in between shooters. (no 10 meter wide ranges)

  • Minimum 12x Target stands with sticks and backers. This is the bare minimum

  • Ability to shoot until 0200 for Low Light and Zero Visibility Pistol

  • Minimum 2x pieces of Steel for Zero Vis Pistol. (Pistol rated)


Carbine Courses

  • Basic Carbine 100+ meter range Nonnegotiable 

  • Intermediate Carbine 200+ meter range*

  • Wide enough to accommodate 15x shooters on the line with 1 meter spacing in between shooters, roughly 40-50 yards in width. (no 10-meter-wide ranges, this is an absolute no-go disqualifier)

  • Minimum 15x target stands with sticks and backers.

  • 4x barricades or pieces of cover (VTAC/Stacked Barrels/Plywood cover)

  • Minimum 5x rifle rated pieces of standing steel, no swingers.

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