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Lethal and Beautiful

Looking to improve your firearms skills in a comfortable and supportive environment? Our women-only classes are designed to meet you where you are, whether you're a beginner or an experienced shooter. Join us for a challenging and stress-free learning experience.

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We like for our clients to have a curated experience beyond just another shooting class. We recognize the fact that you are giving us your most precious resource, your time. We want you to have the most fun possible, while you learn topics that range from: Concealed Weapons and Deadly Force laws for your state; Escalation of Force; Use of OC Pepper Spray; Holster Selection; Range Etiquette; Firearms Safety; How to load, unload, reload, and clear malfunctions of your firearm; dry fire techniques; Post shoot/ Use of Force Protocol; to the Seven Fundamentals of Marksmanship.  In the evening, you can enjoy a Cosmetic Party, Massage, or a Wine Tasting (packages available dependent on location). Then join us back on the range to continue to work on your firearms skills.

Types of Classes

Wendy Thompson, AR

“I am so thankful for the instruction and training I got today from Jon. This class was so much more than I imagined and has given me the confidence to carry and use my gun.  Us ladies were very lucky to have you come down and educate us."

Leah Houston, FL

"Had the best time with Jon this last weekend at Bullets & Botox! I was glad to knock the dust off and see Danni kick ass out there. Jon Jeu with Contingency Tactical is so patient with new shooters and really made it a great experience for everyone. We learned about pepper spray and how to use it, got one on one time to hone our skills, learned about Florida gun laws, and met some other cool ass women. Ladies, you gotta try this!"

Amanda Southworth, FL

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