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AAR: High Ground Sniper Level 1


10-14 OCT 2022 Montgomery County, TN

This class was conducted at the Mongomery County Sheriff's training facility. We utilized the classroom and range facilities. This facility is first class all the way. The Staff at the range was incredible and facilitated training to make this an outstanding LEO entry level Sniper course.

This was a closed enrollment class consisting of LEO SWAT members and Military. I saw a variety of equipment and rifles. There were only two gas guns in the group (including mine). Most rifles were 7.62 bolt actions from a variety of manufactures. Only two of us were shooting 5.56.

This five-day course was led by Denny Elliot and assisted by Dave Keenom and Andrew H. Denny provides Sniper accessory equipment through Sniper Pro Shop.

This course was one of the most organized and well prepared that I have every attended. Denny provided each student with a binder of course material, a rear bag, data book, target template, and sniper veil. He also provided a thumb drive at the end of the course that had the manual material electronically and photos taken during the class. Additional nice to have items were available for sale on site.

The course standards were quickly established. You are required to pass the written exam at 70% or above and 4/5 shooting qualifications to be a graduate of the course.

We started out in the classroom. Denny provided a historical overview and use of force lecture that was specifically targeting the Sniper Community. Relevant case law was presented. We all followed along in the course material and quickly realized that there was a study guide attached. Class discussion was encouraged and the HGTG Staff participated in answering questions from a veteran LEO Sniper, Supervisor, and LE Administrative point of view. MILS and MOA were explained, Sniper Math was demonstrated and gone over, Human Anatomy and Incapacitation Targeting was explained in detail. Most of the lecture was conducted on TD1 and we ended the day with the cadre conducting an equipment check.

We were divided into Sniper teams and moved to the range on TD 2 and started out with a typical zero process. We quickly progressed to a marksmanship fundamental and grouping exercise while utilizing the Sniper / Spotter team dynamic.

As the course progressed, physical elements (cardio) and positional shooting were added to mix of shooting. Over the next few days each team was put through the shooting qualification standards, conducted field craft and a stalking exercise, and limited visibility unassisted night fire,

I don't want to reveal any Tactics, Techniques, or Procedures utilized in the course in order to protect those operational Snipers out there working in our communities. I also want to respect the HGTG materials. I will say everything trained was relevant and current.

TD5 was the culminating event that consisted of the written exam and shooting qualifications. HGTG utilizes realistic targets and hostage targets that provide a variety of angles and head positions that require the Sniper to select the point of aim that will most likely cause an instant incapacitation. HGTG uses a target template that is a cut out version of the target to show the appropriate target area. Your shot is either in or out, simple as that.

This course was a full five days. I want to say thanks to my Sniper Team Buddies Rob and JB for working with me. This course is a great LEO Basic Sniper Course. I have nothing but positive things to say about HGTG and its staff and material.

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