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Fri, Feb 09



Greenline Night Aerial Target Engagement

Greenline Tactical has engaged with Airborne Tactical Training Solutions, a Tier One provider of tactical helicopter training & support, to offer a unique Night Aerial Target Engagement Course. Please read entire course description below before signing up.

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Greenline Night Aerial Target Engagement
Greenline Night Aerial Target Engagement

Time & Location

Feb 09, 2024, 3:00 PM EST – Feb 10, 2024, 3:00 PM EST

Immokalee, Immokalee, FL 34142, USA

About the event

Immokalee, FL


Friday, Feburary 9

Saturday, Feburary 10

This course is a “walk on” level Course of  instruction with flat range weapons handling and live fire evolutions  (both ground and airborne) as well as basic aircraft (helicopter)  familiarization and ground school training administered by ATTS for new  “aircrew members” prior to ATE training missions. The newly trained  aircrew members /ATE participants will, under the direct supervision of  helicopter crew chiefs, pre-flight and conduct airborne ATE operations  with multiple actual “live fire” aerial target engagement iterations  over a variety of ground target courses.

There is a weight limit of 250lb per person without gear for aircraft weight and balance requirements.

This is a 3-phase course:

Phase 1; will include range safety and admin procedure along with flat range live fire assessment and evolutions. Safe weapons handling and understanding of the 4 rules of firearms safety are the only pre-requisites that must be met.

Phase 2; will be dedicated to the ground school portion where students will become familiar with the basics of the aircraft (helicopter) SAFTY, and learn how to Efficiently & Safely function in and around the aircraft with weapons. Multiple dry rehearsals will be performed with a static helicopter on the range.

Phase 3; will begin the aerial portion where multiple iterations / missions will be flown with the newly trained aircrew members / course participants accompanied by a (1 on 1) Greenline Firearms Instructor / Aircrew member.  Airborne Target Engagement will be accomplished from multiple phases of flight, including but not limited to; forward flight, hover and orbits over the aerial gunnery range. Aircrews / Shooters will be trained to positively identify ground targets and engage them as required/directed in accordance with GT-ATET SOPs

  Aircrew / Participant Ground School Will Include - 

  • (Classroom)
  • Basic Helicopter Aircrew Member Safety
  • (On Helicopter)
  • Approaching the aircraft
  • Aircraft positioning
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Loading and unloading procedures
  • Verbal and Non Verbal communication
  • Weapon safety when around rotary wing aircraft and other considerations
  • Target lead/lag procedures depending on phase of flight.
  • Best practices for optimizing a rifle while airborne.

What Attendees Will Need –

  • Helmet, NVGs, clear eye protection and ear protection.  (Rental gear will be available)
  • Zeroed weapon aiming laser (IR)
  • A zeroed AR style rifle with 400 Rifle rounds of ammunition. There will not be time allotted to zero a gun, show up prepared to shoot, do not hold back the class with your failure to plan and follow directions and read the course description.
  • AK Style rifles are prohibited; long ejection patterns pose a safety / maintenance hazard to the aircraft.
  • Suppressors are highly recommended.
  • A weapon mounted 1x RDS is highly recommended. (Please bring spare batteries)
  • 2-point adjustable Sling
  • A basic belt (Battle belts are not required)
  • Good close toed shoes (Boots recommended)
  • Shooting gloves (recommended)
  • Weather/Temp appropriate clothing
  • Eye and Ear pro for flat range shooting
  • 3x rifle magazines (PMAGs highly recommended)
  • A positive attitude and an open mind
  • Note taking material (Notebook & Pens)

 High Risk Activity Disclaimer: Aviation is inherently dangerous. Firearms are inherently dangerous. Proper training, solid communication and the ability to follow directions all mitigate the risk as much as possible. Understand that by signing up for this class you agree to follow all directions by Pilots, Crew chiefs and other ground personnel. You will also be required to sign a Hold Harmless release acknowledging the above risks & dangers. Students will be assessed throughout the training and if they pose a risk to the aircrews, the aircraft, or themselves they will be asked to leave, and refunds will not be issued.

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